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Background - why Rauland, Telemark?

Posted 05.12.2011

About Silvia and why she ended up in Møsvatn, Rauland.

Team Silvia Furtwaengler.

It started in 2008, when I came for my expedition to Norway and stepped into the footsteps of Roald Amundsen.

On the way from Rjukan up to Møssvatn, I felt a bit scared because of the frozen and slippery road, not like in Germany where the streets get cleaned with a snow plough. With the trailer at the back, full of dogs and equipment, I tried to get up the road as good as possible.

But – what I saw opened my heart and soul!

The view of the lake directly on to the Hardangervidda nearly robbed my breath – it was incredibly overwhelming.

Beautiful weather, blue skies and sunshine. Like a dream. That this could be the same place as i witnessed the other day with the never ending snowstorm for at least 2 weeks.

Footsteps of Roald Amundsen

Now I train the dogs up here at the Møssvatn – so that they are able to go safe over the Hardangervidda.

It was in this area Roald Amundsen practised for the south pole expedition.

And I wanted to follow exactly the same path as him.

At 9th of February 2008 – the Vidda shows her real face

– storm, rain, snow and sun , all together.

You just thought "bluesky in sight", but when you turn around – snow storms rage again behind you!

This is how life is around Møsvatn...its wild, free and undescribably beautiful.. so beautiful that I decided that I wanted to live here!

8 Weeks later I immigrated to Norway with my Family and 30 dogs. First we lived at the Skinnarbu Hotel, but at 7th of July 2008 we moved to Varmevoll.

Harald Hovden and a boat full of dogs!

With a fully loaded float boat from Harald Hovden we drove to Varmevoll.

I can remember what Harald said, if you ask him what he was thinking about the germans moving to the Møsstrond

– We will see if they survive the first winter

-Tja, what can I say. We survived already 3 winter seasons and the fourth is already close. At the moment I am preparing and training myself and 30 dogs for the Iditarod 2012.

There could be no better surroundings,no better conditions than here.

The people here at Møstrond are very helpful and open hearted.

We love to be here and we are sure that we will survive a few more winter seasons...

Looking for a dog handler

I will keep this blog updated during my preparations for The Iditarod 2012. I hope you find it interesting, and maybe you could even give me a hand?

I am looking for a dog handler, he or she would make my life much easier as a day has only 24 hours and it’s simply not enough time.

Between a lot of training with the doggies , I am also a mom and have to organize the household in between as well.

The real hectic and chaotic time of the training is over, now it’s all about the Condition of the Team. Because I got 30 dogs in training, I am outside everyday and its every day the same procedure – feeding in the morning –cleaning the kennel – quick coffee – putting the bread in the oven to have some food in the evening . Training with the first teams in the morning, midday feeding soup to the dogs – between this , quickly take bread out of the oven- , training with the third team, little break and out again to give the last meal to the dogs.

Experience the true beauty of Hardangervidda while learning about dogs and wild life

Does this sound interesting to you? Then do not hesitate to contact Silvia:

Phone: 90 91 17 07

E-mail: silviaSPAMFILTER@varmevoll.no <silviaSPAMFILTER@varmevoll.no> (Fjern SPAMFILTER fra adressen)

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