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- komplett restauranthus i 3 etasjer med alle rettigheter.

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N-3864 Rauland

Albertos på Fjøllhalli

Albertos på Fjøllhalli åpner 16. Desember 2017

Abertos på Fjøllhalli er en gastropub som serverer lunsj, middag, snack, kald og varm drikke samt take-away.

Åpningstider desember og januar:


Lørdag         16.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Søndag           17.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Lørdag         23.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Mandag          25.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Tirsdag          26.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Onsdag     27.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Torsdag        28.12.2017    12.00 - 21.00

Fredag             29.12.2017    12.00 - 00.00

Lørdag        30.12.2017    12.00 - 00.00

Søndag           31.12.2017   12.00 - 18.00


Torsdager        16.00 - 22.00

Fredager            12.00 - 00.00

Lørdager        12.00 - 00.00

Søndager          12.00 - 22.00

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About Albertos

Dutch owners Albert and Rosmarin will be combining their love for food and scandinavian produce into a menu that is filled with dishes that will warm your heart.

Overwhelmed by Raulands stunning slopes, this family is moving from Sweden to Norway to continue what they have been doing for years: serving home made food in a great atmosphere.

Menu items will range from comfort food to more refined dishes that will make any guest feel at home. 

This includes children who will also have a variety of menu choices and a play area at their disposal.

Arriving at the start of the season, the menu and opening hours of Albertos will gradually expand.

Here is a sneak preview of some dishes that will appear on the menu in the course of the season:

home smoked 'fjell fisk'

Dutch pea soup with sausage

sweet ribs

Italian burger

grilled salmon

pulled pork pizza

chili & garlic shrimps


Take away

will be available from january.

However, on new years eve (31.12.2017) Albertos will launch the take away season with a snackbox deluxe which can be pre-ordered until friday 29.12.2017 for any number of persons.

The content and price of this snackbox will be published soon!

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